The True Benefits of Oak for Your Building and Property

The True Benefits of Oak for Your Building and Property

We all know that timber has always been a ready option when it comes to various building projects, but not all timber is created equal. There is one particularly popular kind of timber that has always stood out and has withstood the arrival of other, more modern materials, and we’re talking about oak. Of course, oak is a material that has been in use for centuries, and its hardiness, strength, durability, and beauty has always made it a premium and superior choice compared to other types of timber. But what indeed makes oak so special, and why should you make an effort to take care of it if you have oak beams or support structures in your property or choose oak as a prime building material if you have a new-build structure? Here are the true benefits of oak beams for your building and property, whether your oak beams are new or old.

  • Impressive durability and strength

Even if oak is known as a hardwood with a medium density, it is still also known for its durability and strength. It even surpasses the durability and strength of certain tropical hardwood species. There are about 600 oak varieties found in different parts of the northern hemisphere, although not all are known for strength and durability. The best oak in terms of strength and durability often comes from France, which has two primary species – Quercus Petraea and Quercus Robur.

  • Easy to maintain

Since oak is incredibly durable, it doesn’t require much maintenance, either. Oak can last for hundreds of years, as you know if you have your oak beams in your building that you would like to have restored. Of course, oak can still react to various elements, such as the weather, but rather than being damaged, it usually looks even more striking and has an enhanced appeal (like weathered oak, as confirmed by, who are premium specialists in oak beam restoration). When oak beams are exposed to sunlight, it can make the beams look silvery, but when oak beams are exposed to rain, it can result in a blackish, warm hue due to the tannins of the oak mixing with water.

  • A gorgeous, striking appearance

Oak can either be aged due to the weather or aged using a varnish or stain, but its beauty will always shine through. It has a distinctive appearance and look that makes it an elegant element in any structure, and its grain is attractive as well. With the rustic appeal of oak, your home or property can exude character and charm, whether you use your oak beams internally or outdoors.

  • An incredibly versatile timber

There is no doubt that oak is incredibly versatile, too. Even the process of oak maturation adds to its versatility and adaptability because oak will begin as a soft and malleable wood but when it dries, it becomes more durable and harder. With this, it’s an excellent choice for various projects. For instance, you can use it as beams or support frames, and you can also add it as a decorative feature. It serves well as flooring, and when you place oak outdoors, you can use it as fencing, cladding, waterworks, and decking. Because oak is strong and durable, it is also perfect for the construction of raised beds and retaining walls.

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