6 Things You Have to Consider Before Purchasing Dining Set

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Dining Set 1

The dining set is the main item in a dining room that needs to be the centerpiece and looks outstanding. Choosing a dining set is important to make your dining room looks more attractive. Although it’s ‘just’ a table and chair, it can give a more aesthetic look if you choose the matching one. We’re sure that you don’t want to buy the one that is too big, too small, or even the wrong shape that will only make your dining room feels cramped or looks unbalanced.

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Things You Have to Consider Before Purchasing Dining Set

#1 Dining Room Size

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Dining Set 1

First of all, you have to make sure the size of the dining room based on these points:

  • The overall dining room size and shape like rectangular, square, narrow rectangular.
  • The hallway size that you will use as an entrance to add the dining table.
  • Consider the piece of furniture that you have in a dining room since you will use this to measure the distance between the dining table and the furniture itself.
  • If you already have some big furniture, you have to either buy a minimalist dining set or move the furniture to another room.

#2 Dining Set Size

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Dining Set 2

Before choosing a perfect dining table, referring to point number 1, please make sure:

  • That there’s enough space between the dining table and the wall about 42 – 48 inches to make diners feel comfortable when they get in and out.
  • The distance between the table and the furniture if you have other furniture in the dining room.
  • If you want to create a more space-saving look, try to use a dining bench instead of normal dining chairs because a bench is less bulky.

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#3 Dining Set Shape

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Dining Set 3

As for the shape, there are some common shapes that you can choose based on the dining room shape. Those shapes are:

  • Rectangular is the most common one with various styles, sizes, materials, and designs. It’s suitable if you have a long and narrow dining room or planning to have an open plan so you can use this shape as a divider.
  • Square fits perfectly for a small dining room in a square shape. The shape itself makes an intimate atmosphere because it doesn’t have much distance between each diner.
  • Round feels a lot cozier and a great space-saving option that you can choose if you have a square room that will give an intimate ambiance because there’s no head on it.
  • Oval is great if you have a rectangular dining room and want to create a unique look. Instead of a rectangular table, an oval shape brings a more unique traditional look.

#4 Concept

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Dining Set 4

The concept in this case means the material, color, and finish. For those who have a modern dining room, a stylish dining table with a marble top is a great choice. Meanwhile, for homeowners who love earthy elements, a wooden dining table can be a good option.

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#5 Material

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Dining Set 5

Dining table materials will also affect the final look of the dining room. There are tons of materials that you can pick like solid wood, reclaimed wood, glass, stone, laminate, and metal. Of course, each material has its pros and cons but again, you can choose the one that you really need.

#6 Elbow and Leg Room

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Dining Set 6

Another point that you have to ensure is elbow and leg rooms. A round dining table usually feels more comfortable because usually it has a pedestal base which will make more space for legs. Some rectangular dining tables also have comfortable legroom but again, you have to match it with the number of diners you want to have.

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Now it’s time for you to plan to have a new dining set that fits your dining room better!

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