What Are the Different Types of Drilling Machines That Exist Today?

Did you know that the deepest hole ever drilled in the world is more than 40,000 feet deep? While not all types of drilling involve an attempt to get to the Earth’s mantle, they still have their intended purpose. Underground drilling and direction drilling play a huge role in the industrial drilling industry and provide great benefits.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the different types of drills that are used in the construction industry then you’ve come to the perfect place. There are tons of different drills that help to keep the world going round every day and it is important to know which types handle what tasks.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the different types of drilling machines in the world today.

Radial Drilling Machines

One of the classic types of drilling machines in the construction industry is the radial drilling machine. This drilling machine works by using a drill head that is attached to a radial arm. The radial arm allows you to drill a variety of different hole sizes using the radial drilling machine.

It offers you the opportunity to change the different drill heads based on the needs of your project that you’re working on. They’re popular in the industrial drilling industry because they are versatile and efficient when it comes to the different types of drills to choose from.

Upright Drilling Machines

Another popular option when it comes to the types of drills you’ll find in the construction industry is the upright drilling machine. This type of drill is a heavy-duty drilling machine that is designed to create large holes. They work by using a gear drive that spins a spindle head into whatever it is you’re wanting to create a hole in.

This type of machine is quite versatile and easy to use. It even offers the option to power the drill by hand for additional control when you start the drilling process. It is one of the most common and best drilling machines in use today when it comes to industrial drilling.

Pillar Drilling Machines

Pillar drilling machines are another common type of drill that you’ll find when it comes to industrial drilling. This type of drill is appreciated for its smaller size which makes it a perfect fit for facilities of all sizes. It is also quite sturdy so you won’t need to worry about any stability issues when you start using it for your drilling needs.

The pillar drilling machine is one of the most advanced and high-tech types of drills on the market today. You can use this type of drill just about anywhere including on the job site itself. This is also a very precise type of drill which is perfect for projects that need to meet exact specifications.

You’ll find this type of drill with just about any quality construction company that you’ll choose to do business with.

Milling Machine

A milling machine is a machine that provides a variety of different functions in addition to drilling. While you can use a milling machine as a drill, its main purpose is to get used for milling. If you’re looking for a drill that provides jack-of-all-trades capabilities then it will be difficult to top the milling machine.

It is one of the most cost-effective types of drills on this list because of the variety of functions you’ll get from your investment. They fit in small spaces which makes them a great fit for companies that don’t have a ton of storage or room in their shops. This is a popular type of drill for the construction industry in areas where a heavy drill won’t be able to access the drill site.

Gang Drilling Machines

Gang drilling machines are quite impressive when you consider everything that they’re capable of doing for your business. A gang drilling machine has heads positioned throughout one table. The first head performs a specific function before passing on the item that you’re drilling to the second head.

Then the second head performs its job before passing the item further down the table to each successive head. By the end of the process, you have the finished product that you envisioned when you started drilling. This type of drill is best used for companies and projects that need a successive process in order to get what they need in an efficient and short time span.

Upright Sensitive Drill Press

The upright sensitive drill press is one of the lightest drills on this list which means it is easy to take from job site to job site. It works by using a belt drive to push the spindle head into the surface of whatever you wish to drill a hole into. This is best suited for jobs or projects that need only light drilling.

It is a versatile type of drill that offers greater control to the user since you can operate it using your hands. It also allows you to use it for cutting material if the need arises.

Horizontal Direction Drill

The horizontal direction drill is one of the most essential types of drill in the construction industry today. This drill creates a hole while being controlled remotely by a trained technician. It is the perfect device for installing underground lines and cables without disturbing the surface of the ground.

This is especially vital in areas that have many residential buildings and homes because it allows you to run the cable without damaging the yards of the homeowners in the area. Click to learn how do directional drills work.

Now You Know the Types of Drilling Your Construction Company Needs

There are many types of drilling that the construction industry uses in order to complete the projects that keep the world spinning each and every day. Knowing the different types of drilling and the drills that they use will help your company to know where to invest money to get the best drilling machines for your needs.

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