Where to Get Excellent Services to Install Top Quality Mirror

Where to Get Excellent Services to Install Top Quality Mirror

Glass mirrors are the heart and soul of the contemporary world of interior design and can truly revamp the entire outlook of the living space. They are no longer just a reflecting glass and are now used extensively as a decorative home décor element. The modern-day mirrors aren’t the same as the old fragile mirrors and are made durable & strong to withstand the tests of time.

There are many qualities of mirror available and homeowners have the luxury to choose from a wide variety of mirror types. However, it’s best to never compromise on quality when buying wall mirrors as a high-quality mirror lasts a long time and serves as a cost-effective option in the long run.

Self-Installation VS Expert Help

Where to Get Excellent Services to Install Top Quality Mirror

 Do we need to seek the expert’s help or to go with self-installation? This is a common question that arises in every homeowners’ mind when choosing to buy a high-quality mirror. Well, there are a few things one needs to know before making the final call. Modern-day mirrors are durable and strong yet they must be handled with care, as they are delicate pieces of interior décor. A good mirror is only as good as the fineness of its installation and even a high-quality mirror looks bad if it is installed improperly.

In addition to this, the perfect reflection isn’t solely produced by the mirror itself and the back wall plays a key role in reflecting the perfect image. Inconsistencies in the wall may distort the reflection and that’s the reason why it is best to treat the wall before installing the mirror. However, there are always multiple solutions to a problem, and a high-quality thick mirror often helps rectify the adverse effects of small inconsistencies in the wall and reflect the perfect image without having to fix the wall inconsistencies.

The good thing is that now mirrors are shipped with a comprehensive instruction manual with a detailed guide to wall mirrors installation. This can help anyone learn the process and install the mirror without seeking the help of an expert. If you are aware of the features of a top-quality mirror and know the basics of mirror installation, all you need is one or two helping hands and you can tackle this task on your own. However, for more professional and complex mirror installations, it is best to seek the expert’s help as giving a few extra bucks to get the mirror installed correctly is better than losing all the money due to negligence from your end.


Features of a Top Quality Mirror

A top quality mirror is majorly defined by four key factors and these include the purity of glass, the flatness of glass, the thickness of glass, and the quality of the reflective coating.

  • The Purity of Glass

Where to Get Excellent Services to Install Top Quality Mirror

The raw materials used to manufacture glass accounts for the degree of purity of a glass mirror. Good quality materials produce a fine quality glass and bad quality materials produce a poor quality glass. The effects of purity and quality of the glass are highly visible as a good quality mirror always reflects an undistorted and clear image while a poor quality mirror reflects a distorted image.

  • The Flatness of Glass

Where to Get Excellent Services to Install Top Quality Mirror

Next to purity comes the flatness, a top-quality mirror must be completely flat as a bumpy mirror reflects a distorted image. Besides this, it is best to select a single glass manufacturer and distributor for all your home glass and mirror needs as in this way you can be sure all your mirrors are equally flat. This makes it easy for you to connect or join multiple mirror pieces if any creative ideas come to your mind in the future.

  • The Thickness of Glass

Where to Get Excellent Services to Install Top Quality Mirror

Perhaps the most important feature of a top-quality mirror is the thickness of the glass. Mirrors are available in numerous thicknesses, and most commonly 1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/4″ mirrors are ideal for the home. It is best to buy thicker mirrors if your budget allows, as they are stronger, durable, and resolve any issues relating to image distortion caused by minor wall inconsistencies.

That’s not it, glass mirrors are incredibly flexible and highly customizable and homeowners can even order their desired size and thickness mirror from the luxury of their home. The selection for the right mirror thickness also depends on the room and the nearby environment. Commonly, thicker wall mirrors are preferred for bathrooms as they provide better durability and strength.

  • The Quality of Reflective Coating

Where to Get Excellent Services to Install Top Quality Mirror

Reflecting coatings make a simple clear glass become a reflective mirror and its best never to compromise on the quality of a reflective mirror coating. There are multiple reflective coatings used for making a glass reflective such as aluminum, tin-mercury amalgam, and silver coatings. To keep it simple, it is best just to remember that silver reflective coating is the best and reflects the perfect image.

Besides the reflective coating, layers of sealers and paint are also important to prevent the reflective coating from tarnishing. A top-quality mirror has a thick layer of high-quality reflective coating and additional layers of sealers & paint.

Call Fab Glass and Mirror for Help Anywhere in the USA

So, now we know the top features of a good quality glass mirror and the importance of buying a top-quality glass mirror. The next thing is to see where we can find such a high-quality mirror. Well, Fab Glass and Mirror is one of the leading glass manufacturers and distributors operating in the United States and is a name synonymous with top-quality. Fab Glass and Mirror have an incredible collection of glass and mirror products and provide top-notch customizations for creative homeowners & design enthusiasts.

This is a one-stop-shop for all your glass and mirror needs and you can select a perfect mirror for your home from their wide collection of high-quality readymade and custom-cut wall mirror options. Fab Glass and Mirror offers free shipping nationwide to all states of the United States and you should call this company today if you need a quick decorative fix to make your home exceptional.

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