Why a Good Mattress is important for Side Sleep?

Side sleeping has a bad rep and is often blamed for causing neck pains, jaw discomfort, and shoulder pain. But it is not the sleeping position that is causing those issues. The mattress should receive the blame here. In fact, side sleeping has health benefits: favorable for people with heartburn and acid reflux issues.

So, it is not the sleeping positions that you’ve changed. Instead, it is the mattress you are sleeping has to be changed.

That said, in this guide, you will find out about side sleeping, different side sleeping positions. But before moving forward to those things — let’s address the topic first, i.e., which type of mattress is the best mattress for heavy side sleepers.

Why do you need a good mattress?

Let’s phrase out— side sleeping — for a second and focus only on the ‘good mattress’ part. On average, humans need daily eight hours of sleep to relax and repair — to create muscle tissues and release imperative hormones — their bodies.

That is — one-third of their lifetime. The question is how do you want to spend one-third of your lifetime? On mattresses that are the reason for your wide-eyed, discomfort, and frustration. Or one that gives you better sleep?

Definitely, all of you will go with the good one. Because we all know what sleepless could result in — back, neck, and joint pain, irritability, fatigue, and many other ailments.

So, there you go! That is your answer.

Now, coming to the best mattress for side sleepers: which type of mattress should side sleepers consider.

●     Different types of side sleeping:

Side sleeping does not precisely refer to one position. There are numerous distinctions among side sleepers, like a left or right-side sleeper. Plus, there are three prominent types of side sleeping:

●       The eternal cuddler (or the fetal position):

The fetal (or foetal) side sleeping is one of the most common side sleeping positions. Usually more preferred by women (twice as men), the fetal position is one where the sleeper has a curved back, and their knees are drawn towards the chest. Sleepers are most likely to strain the shoulders when sleeping in this position, and that is why — a pillow is a must to support their neck resting in the correct position.

●       The log:

As apparent from the name, the log position is one where people lay horizontal to one side, either left or right. And while it is good if you manage to sleep in the same standing for the entire night, it could strain the lower back. The position is known to minimize snoring, and since the neck and the back part are aligned — you will not feel any pain in the neck and upper back region.

●       The Yearner:

The yearner position is one where people place one hand under their hand, but both outstretched.

Right or left: which side should you sleep on?

It is considered best to sleep on the left part, as it reduces heartburns and is known to comfort pregnant women. But there is nothing wrong with sleeping in the right position.

All that matters is you do not turn and toss around on your bed. As it could wake you up several times during sleep (disturbing the circadian rhythm). And you could easily avoid this by choosing the best mattress for you.

Which type of mattress is good for side sleeping?

Regardless of the side sleeping position, you have adapted, these two types of mattress could help you sleep better and lower any discomforts:

●     Memory Foam Mattress:

As a side sleeper, you must have experienced (or experiencing) pain in either neck, shoulders, or back (or all three). And that is where memory foam mattress comes into play. Known to support those areas (neck, back, and shoulders), a memory or medium firm memory foam mattress eliminates the blank space between you and the bed. This allows all the body parts to rest comfortably and thus avoid any discomfort.

●     Hybrid mattress:

A hybrid mattress is a combination of memory foam and latex along with an innerspring system. These features of the hybrid mattress make it the perfect alternative to a memory foam mattress. The reason for an alternative: some side sleepers could find it uncomfortable on the memory foam mattress. Nevertheless, a hybrid mattress supports all body parts in the same fashion with increased edge support.

Some tips for side sleepers to help them sleep better and create healthy sleep habits:

  • A mattress alone cannot benefit. You will also need a perfect pillow — by evaluating firmness and thickness that suits your neck and gives comfort.
  • You should assess whether your spine position is neutral or not. In case you are suffering from back pain, your spine is the reason. A good mattress avoids it. You could also consider using pillows to rest and relax them.
  • Position your pillows at different angles until you find the right one for you. This will avoid any strains on your neck, back, and shoulders.


Side sleeping is not a flawed sleeping position. It is beneficial and is often recommended during the pregnancy for comfortable sleeping. But without a suitable mattress, it could affect your sleep drastically. So, it is critical to evaluate and consider a fitting mattress as soon as possible. As mentioned, a mattress alone is not the answer; you will also have to be careful about the pillows and adjust the pillow-setting over time to suit your sleeping.

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