5 Exquisite Ideas To Design Your Walls

5 Exquisite Ideas To Design Your Walls

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Picture living in a room surrounded by dull walls. Just the idea is not captivating at all. No wonder people always opt for stylish walls while renovating their place. Generally, walls bring up the entire house together. They are the building blocks, which need our undivided love and care. Therefore, one should pay more attention to designing and renovating them, right from the start.

If you are planning to do the same, try to keep some pointers in mind. While designing your walls, you can either take help from professionals or channel your creative side. It does not matter which side you choose as long as you give new designs to those bare walls. To achieve a luxurious look, you will have to think in the same manner.

The truth about walls is that nobody pays much attention to them. They are highly underrated, and with a little care, they can quickly bloom. Instead of fussing over furniture, curtains, and other accessories, one should dedicate some time to walls. For your ease, here are five exquisite ideas to design your walls in the best way possible. You indeed will get inspired by them.

  • Come up with an accent wall

Apart from large-scale art, you can decorate your main wall and keep the rest untouched. It is known as the accent wall concept, where the main focus remains on a single wall. Try using vibrant and bold colors to create a majestic accent wall. You can also invest in wallpapers with different patterns and stenciling.

It is best to take help from a professional painter who knows how to create beautiful accent walls. Accent walls leave a long-lasting impact on the entire house. If you have a small space, it will look more prominent with an accent wall.

  • Invest in large-scale art

Have you ever visited someone’s place that stunned you to the core? Were the walls covered with luxurious yet simple art pieces? Well, it indeed looks like a tempting idea to consider for your house. There are custom wall hangings too, like map art, which would be a great addition to the walls.

Some oversized paintings or captivating photographs will accentuate the beauty as well. You can also try to follow a black-and-white theme while putting up large-scale art. Moreover, you can opt for bold and colorful pieces, according to your interests.

  • Incorporate a gallery wall

Are you all about adding personality to those cloudy walls? The best solution would be to incorporate gallery walls, which is the signature style of many interior designers. Now, why does everyone prefer this beautiful idea over others? It is mainly because a gallery wall complements well with someone’s persona. If done right, it can add sophistication and a hint of much-needed maturity.

An easy way to create a gallery wall is through utilizing your art collection or photographs you choose to display. Just get them framed and create a beautiful theme, just like a gallery full of symphonies. Hang them the way you like and use up the ceiling space to give the illusion of a bigger space.

  • Utilize some fabric

Who says you cannot design your walls with some gorgeous fabric? The great thing about fabric is you can play with numerous patterns and colors. Also, a wall hanging or tapestry would go perfectly with the main wall and lift the entire room. It will give soft and peaceful vibes to the place as well. Consider vintage scarves with exclusive textiles to elaborate the wall designs.

One more thing to do will be investing in framed fabric paintings for the guestroom or drawing rooms. Not only will this idea impress everyone, but you will end up receiving a lot of praises.

  • Hang some lavish mirrors

When it comes to mirrors, you have the power to be as creative with them as you like. The possibilities to design your walls with mirrors are endless. Mirrors tend to reflect light, which in return makes a small space brighter and more prominent. Therefore, mirrors can come quite handy while thinking about exquisite wall designing ideas.

A wise decision would be to hang oversized mirrors in different shapes. It is better to have a picture in mind and create a collage of mirrors from it. You can also take inspiration from the internet and display unique smaller pieces of mirrors. As said above, there are plenty of styling options you can use here.

The Bottom Line:

The ideas mentioned above are for your guidance and proper assistance. You can always improvise according to your interests and stun everyone with your designing skills. Just keep up with these exquisite ideas and follow the color trends to outshine your walls. Soon, your house will have an entirely new look thanks to the wall designs and your creativity.

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