10+ Minimalist Apartment Kitchen Ideas for Your Minimalist Home

As the hub of the house, a kitchen is one of the spots that you can use to gather around with family members and friends while preparing the meal. When it comes to an apartment kitchen, some homeowners might find it difficult to decorate because of its narrow size. If you’re looking for an apartment kitchen inspiration, we’re here to inspire you!

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Check out this list of apartment kitchen ideas that you can use as your ultimate reference to make an attractive kitchen view!

Best Apartment Kitchen Ideas

Apartment Kitchen Ideas: Simple Neutral Look

Apartment Kitchen Ideas 1

Choosing a neutral shade for cabinets and other surroundings can be a good choice to make a kitchen looks minimalist and brighter. To provide sufficient storage for everything and to keep your kitchen neat, use some cabinetries set above the sink.

Apartment Kitchen Ideas: Compact Narrow Area

Apartment Kitchen Ideas 2

The most important thing that you have to make sure of when decorating a small area is how to make it space-saving. This narrow kitchen has everything that you need from cabinetries, an oven, a sink, and even a simple dining nook. The wood and white elements are dominating this area and give a balanced combination of cool and warm looks.

Apartment Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Small Space

Apartment Kitchen Ideas 3

Here is another small kitchen that is dominated by white and wood that brings elegance to this spot. Again, instead of leaving empty space unused, try to make a minimalist dining nook inside the kitchen. For the dining chairs, choose the sleek ones like these tall stools so they won’t consume too much space.

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Apartment Kitchen Ideas: Minimalist Open Concept

Apartment Kitchen Ideas 4

One of the most common decorating styles for a small area is an open concept. As its name suggests, you can bring two rooms in the same area. For a small area, it’s recommended to use a round dining table. For the kitchen, it looks quite simple and sleek with white and wood accents.

Apartment Kitchen Ideas: Simple Galley Kitchen

Apartment Kitchen Ideas 5

If you have a galley kitchen and want to make it looks more decorative, you might want to attract attention to the wall with some decorations. For the backsplash, you might want to use tiles and for the other sides, use a different paint color in pastel so it helps to reflect the light better.

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Apartment Kitchen Ideas: Stylish All-White

Apartment Kitchen Ideas 6

An all-white design is the most common look to use in a small area. The use of a glossy finish can be a good way to help the light brightens up the whole area and easy to clean. However, one thing from a glossy finish that you might dislike is that it leaves fingerprints.

Apartment Kitchen Ideas: Warm and Bright

Apartment Kitchen Ideas 7

Another sleek kitchen with white and wood elements that look bright yet warm. You may also make the decoration to the floor by using festive tiles that match the surrounding. The layout of the kitchen that is close to the window helps a lot to give a bigger illusion.

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Apartment Kitchen Ideas: Mesmerizing Monochromatic Decor

Apartment Kitchen Ideas 8

This minimalist decor makes the kitchen looks neater and clean with its simple layout. If you’re not a fan of cabinetries set, an open floating shelf can be a great alternative. Instead of installing some cabinets, try to use a few as an additional organizer.

Apartment Kitchen Ideas: Attractive Modern Farmhouse

Apartment Kitchen Ideas 9

This kitchen gives a stylish modern finish with its simplicity and white domination. As we can see that the dining stools create a cozy ambiance around the kitchen and also an additional sitting spot. The marble countertop enhances the modern look with its elegance.

Apartment Kitchen Ideas: Stunning Attic Kitchen

Apartment Kitchen Ideas 10

Those who have an attic kitchen still can get an attractive style. Just how this idea shows, a narrow space shouldn’t stop you from decorating your kitchen in a stunning decoration. The natural light helps a lot to brighten up this spot even more along with the cozy living room.

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No matter how big or small your kitchen is, as long as you decorate it beautifully, it will become the center of attention. The key is how you optimize every empty spot for something functional and useful instead of letting it empty. Now choose the one that suits your taste and start decorating your kitchen!

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