How Technology Is Changing Home Security For The Better?

The evolution of technology has become a part of our lives and changed everything almost regularly. Whether it’s our office or the work environment, from personal to professional – everything seems to be touched by this trend.

Like anything else, this situation has evolved the home security industry for the greater good as well. While some of the traditional options have been updated, various new additions, such as smart locks, have also arrived on the market.

But, what are the changes that we have seen in the segment of home security?

Let’s find out!

8 Massive Changes Brought In By Technological Advancements 

If we’re being honest, technological advancements have changed the world of home security entirely. Hence, we have picked up seven of the best ones amongst them and talked about a little in this section. Make sure to keep reading to find out more in this regard.

Remote Monitoring 

In essence, remote monitoring is a fantastic way to keep an eye on your house, even when you are sitting somewhere miles away. This convenient system helps you watch real-time videos or click photos of what’s happening in your home.

That’s not where it ends, though.

With the remote monitoring feature, you can also control your security equipment through your smartphone. Thus, you can arm, disarm, stream security cameras, send intrusion or fire alerts, and do much more through them.

Evolved Garage Systems 

There was a time when you had to manually shut your garage doors after keeping your car in it. However, thanks to the sensors, the whole scenario has changed entirely. Now, once you keep your vehicle inside your garage, it will shut down automatically.

You can also control it through your smartphone in case someone else wants to keep their four-wheeler in your garage. The motion sensor will also stop if it senses that someone is going through the doors.

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Home Sensors 

Home sensors can be beneficial for you in different ways. For starters, if you are using the same on your doors, it will open automatically after sensing your presence.

The room sensors can detect movements in your house and notify you about them. Therefore, if someone unwanted enters your home or your garden area, you’ll be the first one to know about it.

Glass sensors are ideal for evaluating the sound created by glass breaking. Hence, it can help you know if someone is attempting a break-in through your windows.

Smart Door Locking System 

The smart door locking systems are pretty new in the market, and, let’s be honest – they are pretty efficient. These products are capable of detecting your presence automatically and unlocking the door for you. You can also control them through your smartphone.

Some of the high-end models can also sense when you’re going outside and inform other synced products, such as thermostats, to shut off. It, in turn, helps you save energy and create a more secure environment altogether.

Smart Cameras 

Whether you believe it or not, home security cameras are the least expensive, smarter, and easier to install too. Besides, the modern options also come with Wi-Fi connectivity. Therefore, you can stream live feeds from anywhere in the world.

If you find anything interesting, you can also save these on the cloud storage to review them later. This feature can be pretty handy in the cases of thievery, as you can keep the video and show it to the authority. It can help you find the culprit quickly as well!

Fingerprint Scanners 

Once upon a time, we could only find fingerprint scanners in futuristic Sci-fi movies. However, it has become a prime-time reality in the 21st Century. Now, anyone from any socio-economic background can implement and use it in their house.

These scanners are currently primarily being used in the doors, especially in the corporational premises. They are pretty efficient, cannot be tampered with, and last for a prolonged period if you take proper care of them.

They are a little pricey and advanced, if we’re being honest. However, their overall efficiency and flexibility to sync with almost anything and everything make them worth every penny.

Infrared LEDs

Night vision has been existing for quite some time. However, the video quality produced by them is pretty grainy. Hence, it was almost impossible for anyone to make out what was happening in the video.

Nevertheless, this challenging scenario has changed entirely since the introduction of infrared LEDs in the world of security cameras. Now, these security items can capture clear and high-quality footage even during the darkest of nights.

Facial-Recognition Technology 

Do you want to improve your door security system even more? Then, you can opt for a locking system with facial-recognition technology integrated into it.

These modules can trace the facial lines and recognize if the person is registered in its database or not. Thus, if it’s someone the system knows, it will open the door automatically for you. There’s no need to invest in a smart lock for that.

Besides, they can also let you know if it’s someone you know or a stranger who’s standing in front of your door.


Since its inception, the home security segment has been evolving pretty massively and for good reasons too. Thanks to that, the newer products are becoming more and more efficient in terms of security and protection. Hence, even if they are a little more expensive than usual, their price is definitely worth everything.

In any case, we will conclude our article here. If you’ve any queries and suggestions regarding anything, make sure to let us know about it. We would try our best to assist you or incorporate everything into our resources.

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