How to Bring a Medieval Design Flair to Your Bedroom

There’s something quite grandiose and majestic about medieval architecture and design. Arched ceilings, stone walls and floors, and ornate wooden furniture—you name it. While you can’t live in a castle straight from the Middle Ages, you can easily bring a bit of the medieval flair into your home by tweaking your interior here and there.

Forget about transforming your hallways into a medieval dream filled with Celtic art and suits of armor. You can go for something subtler. In fact, you can start with your bedroom. We’ve compiled some of the ways you can give your bedroom a medieval touch without going overboard.

Incorporate Some Arches

Most castle architectures have a hint of arches in their design. Why not incorporate some arched details into your bedroom? For example, add in an arched doorway. Arched windows are also an ideal choice as it adds a touch of elegance to any home while embodying the characteristics of a castle. If you want something more extravagant, you can opt for an arched ceiling in dark wood or an ornate fireplace with intricate carvings.

Give Your Bedroom a Medieval Finishing

Nothing speaks more castle-like than stone walls, columns, and ceilings. If you are not too keen about changing the finishing of the whole room, you may want to stick with the floors. Bare stone floors are typical in castles. It can provide a strong base for a castle décor. Not a fan of stone flooring? You can for a floor made of bare wood instead.

Repaint Your Room in Castle Colors

castle color
Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

Most castle décor use three common hues: burgundy, dark green, and gold. These jewel-toned colors give the interior a dark and rugged look, lending it a touch of elegance. You can repaint your walls in dark green while utilizing lighter-colored fabrics for your beddings and curtains. If dark-colored walls are not your thing, you can always use these colors in your furniture. Burgundy carpets and gold curtains can make your bedroom stylishly medieval.

Get Statement Furniture

Castles often have cavernous spaces that are only offset by bulky furniture making its robust presence known. You may want to find large pieces of furniture with a dominant style and colors. Caving and artistic details are the way to go too. Think of an intricately carved love seat by the window or a large king-sized bed in dark wood.

Give Your Bare Wall a Medieval Accent

While the intricate furniture gives your bedroom the wow factor, you can make it more impressive by adding an accent on the wall. It can be a richly adorned wallpaper or a medieval-era painting. Stylish weapons can also do their part, such as replica knife pistols.

Make Use of Heavy Fabrics

Gauzy, light fabrics are not suitable for castle-like atmospheres. Go for heavy fabrics instead to bring in the medieval vibe. You can update your upholstery or put up tapestries. Another idea is to hang something eye-grabbing, say a custom photo blanket of a medieval scene. Pillows and curtains in heavy fabrics can add to the look too.

Remember the Lighting

Your bedroom makeover is not complete without thinking of the lighting. It sets the medieval mood if you ask. Bring a touch of mystery and charm by putting up wall scones perfectly positioned between narrow windows. The charm it lends into your retreat space can be enchanting, successfully transporting you back to medieval times.

Wrapping It Up

It’s always fun to transform the look of your bedroom. After all, it is a private space where you can relax after a long, hectic day. You will want to retreat into something elegant, setting the mood for a restful night. If you are a fan of a medieval theme, there is no reason why you can’t capture a hint of its alluring qualities by giving your room a makeover.

Incorporating a bit of a medieval flair into your bedroom won’t hurt if you are up for the challenge. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive or demand too much hard work. You can start with something simple, like updating the fabrics you’re using or buying stylish pieces with a hint of medieval such as an ornate candle holder or a stunning tapestry. The possibilities are endless, and as they say, only your imagination is the limit.

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