5 Simple Guides: How to Choose a Perfect Bed Base

How to Choose a Perfect Bed Base 1

The bed frame or base can be something that looks nothing compared to other furniture but it’s definitely one of the features that you have to take a closer look at. It’s because a bed frame needs to be sturdy enough to support both a mattress and your body mass.

Again, just like other furniture, it’s recommended to choose the one that matches the dimension of the bedroom, the general concept, the ceiling height, and other optional features. If you’re looking for a new bed frame, you’re on the right page so just keep scrolling to find some easy tips on how to get a perfect bed base.

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1. Measure Your Bedroom Size

How to Choose a Perfect Bed Base 2

This is the most basic and important thing you have to consider before purchasing a bed frame. Once you measure your bedroom’s size, you can now decide what kind of bed frame to choose. If you have a quite narrow bedroom, you may opt for the one with additional storage at the bottom part for a space-saving function like simple metal or platform bed frames.

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2. Match the Mattress Weigh

How to Choose a Perfect Bed Base 1
If you just want to change the bed frame for an existing mattress, it can be a lot easier. You will just have to measure the size of the mattress to fit the base. One of the simplest ways is by laying the mattress on the floor and measure it with a measuring tape. This way, you can get a perfect bed frame once you arrive at the furniture store.

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3. Sturdiness Level

How to Choose a Perfect Bed Base 3

Choosing a sturdy bed base is very important because you don’t want to sleep on a weak and frail one and keep worrying all night. In this case, many homeowners prefer to choose a platform bed frame because of this sturdy feeling. Also, this kind of bed base is strong enough to support more weight just in case you want to add another layer of a box spring.

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4. Consider the Bed Base’s Size

How to Choose a Perfect Bed Base 5

Just like how important a bedroom size is, the size of the bed frame matters as well. If you choose a bed frame with a canopy or four-poster feature, you will need a high ceiling to accommodate this. A low ceiling will only make your bedroom feels and looks cramped with its outstanding shape. If you opt for a bed frame-headboard combination, you will also have to consider it. For example, a classic bed frame with a Victorian headboard will consume more space.

5. Match the Concept

How to Choose a Perfect Bed Base 4

Purchasing a bed frame that matches your bedroom concept can enhance the look even more. If you love a rustic, farmhouse, industrial concept, it’s perfect to choose the one made of metal or wood. Meanwhile, for those who have a modern bedroom, you may want to opt for a platform or wood with clean lines.

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You definitely don’t want to purchase a bed frame that is too big nor too small. A bed frame that is too big will only make the room feel cramped. On the other hand, a smaller one might only struggle with your mattress’s size and weight.

Now choose the one that fits your taste and start getting a new one for your comfort!

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