3 Tips On How to Choose Glass Partitions for Bathrooms

Nowadays, there are dozens of home features that you can find in the market that are very functional. This means that you don’t have to spend more budget on buying two separate things for a room. One of the functional home features that have become popular is a bathroom partition. This feature becomes more popular because you can get both a decoration item and its main function to separate a dry and wet area in the bathroom.

Bathroom partitions come in various materials, shapes, textures, accents, and sizes. You would just have to choose the one based on your needs, budget, and bathroom size. It’s not a must but definitely an item that you could consider to bring more beauty to your bathroom. The most common material that is used to make bathroom partitions is glass.

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We’ve gathered some tips on how to choose a perfect bathroom glass partition that might inspire you.

How to Choose Glass Partitions for Bathrooms

Measure Your Bathroom Size

Please ensure to know the size of your bathroom before buying a partition because you don’t want to make the bathroom feels more cramped with the partition. It’s not recommended to install a partition in a narrow bathroom because it will only make your bathroom becomes more crowded.

If you have a minimalist bathroom, by knowing its size, you can still install one to create a wide illusion, especially since it’s made of glass. Once you know the size details of the bathroom, you’re ready to choose the one that suits the best with your bathroom.

Pick Your Style

There are tons of styles that you can pick to make the bathroom looks more stylish and sleek. If you want to enhance the minimalist concept of your bathroom, a frameless one can be a great choice. The frameless partition absolutely looks stylish and trendy.

However, if you don’t like a plain look or have bathrooms with vintage, farmhouse, and industrial concepts, it will be prettier to choose a framed one. The frame can be made of black or gold metal or aluminum. The shapes also vary from rectangular to round-edged.

Plain or Textured?

The plain partition will suit the best people who love minimalism and simplicity while the textured one is a good choice to bring a decorative look. For those who want to choose a textured partition, a frosted partition is a great choice. Also, a frosted one makes the glass looks less ‘dirty’, unlike clear glass. A frosted partition won’t be showing splashes or any water print so you don’t have to worry about its look. On the other hand, you can choose colored ones if you love a futuristic look.

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Those are three simple tips on how to choose glass partitions for your bathroom. Adding glass partitions can be one of the methods to enhance the look of your bathroom.

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