Ideas That Will Help You Achieve That Showroom Look

Whether you are dressing your home for sale or you simply want a seamless interior design that everyone will talk about, it helps to know the tricks of the trade. Some designers are generous enough to share some tips and ideas that will help you put the right accents in the right places and achieve a show home look for your home.

Get rid of clutter

Show homes are impressive because of the clean look. While it is almost impossible to have a spotless home especially if you have toddlers or pets, you can still achieve it by designating a place for each item. It is very important to start with decluttering as it will be easier to style your rooms. The key is to pack away anything unnecessary.

Get a fresh lick of paint

A newly painted home presents a fresh, clean look. Consider toning down paint in some rooms that have bright or bold colours. Rev up a space with just paint by painting something special to make the wall an art piece. If you are making an accent wall, it should be contrasting to your main paint colour. Do not be afraid of colour. A neutral look is almost always advised by Showhome Interior Design, but adding colour to some areas can also help.

Play with lighting

Lighting can make a big difference in a home so make sure to use it properly. Bring some natural light in if you have large windows to make rooms brighter and more open. For dark corners or areas that lack natural light, play with the position of lamps. Use dimmers, track lighting and layer different types of light.

Float your furniture

Pull your furniture off the wall and create an island with an area rug to house your sofa and table. This can make your living room look spacious and inviting. It can create a corridor of sorts for better traffic flow. It is also a stylish way to create a partition between rooms for open spaces.

Use houseplants

Houseplants add freshness and bring the beauty of the outdoors in. You may start small, with one or two on side tables. Consider the plants’ care instructions as not all plants tolerate low light. Choose plants with different leaf shapes or play with decorative pots.

Practice Symmetry

Our eyes love balance and symmetry. It indicates familiarity and can easily work with every style. Symmetry does not have to be boring. You can create a focal point in every room to draw attention, such as a fireplace, a mirror or an art piece. You will never go wrong with subtle symmetry regardless of if you are eyeing modern or traditional styles.

To achieve that professional-looking display home design, focus on proper colour coordination and play with accessories that complement each other. Introduce character and style but do not overdo it. Make a room look liveable by adding pieces that a family uses and strike a good balance of comfort, easy living and a luxurious feel.

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