Useful Kitchen Storage Ideas to Store Your Cooking Stuff

A kitchen is a place that normally gets dirty and messy since you use it to cook your daily meals. Yes, it’s a normal thing but it doesn’t mean that you can just slide it that way because it will become more hassle to declutter. The simplest thing that you can do to prevent the kitchen from being messy is by providing enough space to store all the cooking stuff from utensils to spices.

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If you’re looking for a kitchen storage idea, we’re here to inspire you with some ideas so just keep scrolling down to find the one that suits your needs!

Best Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Useful Hidden Storage

Kitchen Storage Ideas 1

Other than spices and foods, a kitchen is also a spot to place cleaning stuff but if you don’t want to expose it, then using hidden storage can be a good idea. You can use the hidden storage for cleaning stuff like brooms, cleaning solutions, and other items.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Small Sliding Storage

Kitchen Storage Ideas 2

If you have a small empty space and are not sure what to use, you might want to use it to store some small items like spice jars. If your cabinet set doesn’t come with an additional storage feature, you can purchase a separate sliding organizer to put in the empty space.

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Kitchen Storage Ideas: Neat Trays Organizer

Kitchen Storage Ideas 3

Although baking pans and trays are not something bulky, they may take your kitchen space if you have some of them. To make them stay organized and neat, you can either make a DIY divider for the drawer or buy one from a hardware store. Therefore, your baking pans and trays are well-organized.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Chic Coffee Station

Kitchen Storage Ideas 4

For people who have a coffee station and want to have a neat spot for it, this idea can be a good inspiration to copy. You can use this spot to store all needs like coffee beans, cups, coffee pots, and other utensils so you don’t have to go all over the place to find any stuff you need.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Simple Vegetable Organizer

Kitchen Storage Ideas 5

Here is another easy way to organize your veggies and fruits in the drawer by using baskets, dividers, or other features. You can use these dividers in the drawer if you have more empty drawers instead of leaving them unused.

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Kitchen Storage Ideas: Unique Gallery Wall

Kitchen Storage Ideas 6

If your kitchen is small but you need more storage, why not using your empty wall as a gallery? To make it looks more aesthetic and eye-catching, use a floating shelf to put some stuff and create a decorative look.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Minimalist Kitchenware Storage

Kitchen Storage Ideas 7

Yes, kitchenware is that thing that can be a big clutter and even dangerous if you don’t organize it well. Just like the previous one, you can use empty drawers as storage by using a divider or organizer made of wood to keep everything safe.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Variative Storage Options

Kitchen Storage Ideas 8

When it comes to additional storage, there are tons of options that you can find out there from floating shelves, hangers to carts. For easy mobile access, carts are definitely one of the best options to choose from out there.

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Kitchen Storage Ideas: Functional Small Space

Kitchen Storage Ideas 9

Just like the other ideas, even a small space can be very useful as additional storage for organizing cleaning items. Instead of a sliding room, the side area of the cabinet can be used for it so you don’t have to get other furniture.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: Spacious Kitchen Island

Kitchen Storage Ideas 10

A kitchen island with a few drawers will definitely be functional and useful for keeping all kitchenware organized and neat. You can use the biggest spot for bigger things like pans, frying pans, and lids while the smaller one is for small things like plates, glasses, cups, and cutleries.

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Providing enough storage in a kitchen is a basic thing that you can do to make sure that everything is organized and has less cluttered. Choosing the right storage for your cooking stuff is important because you don’t want to spend more budget on something not functional.

If your kitchen needs a decluttering process, you might want to start it by choosing the right storage for your needs now!

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