Captivating Swimming Pool Ideas to Style Up Your Pool

Having a water feature o your home is always a good consideration as it will make your home looks fresh and feels cool. Especially when summer comes, you want to chill and make the heat disappears from your body. There are some water feature options that you can choose to enhance the beauty of your home like a waterfall, pond, fountain, and swimming pool.

Adding a swimming pool is one of the best choices that you will never regret. A swimming pool could be a fun media to make your home feel cozier. It will also provide a very fun entertaining spot in your outdoor living space. That’s why it always becomes one of the most popular additions that many homeowners choose to improve their house. You can make it either indoor or outdoor with any concept.

For you who love aquatic exercises, of course, by installing a swimming pool you can joyfully do that every time which will lead to a healthier lifestyle. A swimming pool is also a cozy spot to have some chilling time while soaking your body with all the family members and friends.

Even if you have a minimalist home with a small backyard, you don’t have to worry since there are a lot of swimming pools which are specifically designed to fit a narrow outdoor space. They look so admirable which is enough to provide a fun pool party with everyone this summer.

For your inspiration, below we have picked some amazing swimming pool ideas just for you!

Best Swimming Pool Ideas

Swimming Pool Ideas: Stunning Indoor Pool

Swimming Pool Ideas: Stunning Indoor Pool

An indoor swimming pool may suitable for people who like a spot that is a little private and not too open. Instead of covering it with concrete or something solid, using glass around and for the ceiling would be a great idea to keep the sunlight in. A warmer feel also can be achieved with adding a wooden element for the flooring instead of tiles or other elements.

Swimming Pool Ideas: Center of Attention

Swimming Pool Ideas: Center of Attention

For homeowners who have a spacious backyard and want something grand to put, this idea might suit you. Make a large swimming pool with slides and a waterfall feature to make a statement spot to the backyard. This idea will stunt everyone who comes over and doesn’t feel bored for staying there for a long time. Making it as unique as possible will style up the pool even more. For example, making it with rock material, making a beach entry, or even unique slide.

Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Small Pool

Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Small Pool

This is it, a cute and stunning small swimming pool for those who have a small backyard. Building a simple rectangular swimming pool to optimize the space is a good move. Well, another shape is also good as long as it complements other features in the backyard. To add more details, you can also add some potted plants or other greeneries to give a fresher look.

Swimming Pool Ideas: Make It Higher

Swimming Pool Ideas: Make It Higher

Above ground swimming pool is suitable for people who feel bored with inground pool. This style is somehow fun, especially for children. The tropical look that is coming from the trees and the rocks complete each other that makes it looks more inviting. Also, using rocks as the main element to build a pool that matches the flooring would be a good combination.

Swimming Pool Ideas: Freshly Looking

Swimming Pool Ideas: Freshly Looking

Well, we can all say that this idea is extra! An indoor swimming pool with a tropical concept that gives a fresh feel and looks. Thanks to the natural lighting that makes it looks more breathtaking. Placing some of your favorite furniture or decor items like sofa, dining set or a fireplace might be a good decision as well. You can make your own resort feel with this idea and you will definitely love to stay here for a long time.

Swimming Pool Ideas: Close To Nature

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The good thing about an outdoor swimming pool is that you can stay close to nature and enjoy the fresh breeze. This idea that combines an exposed brick as the side of the pool gives a warm feel. To add a cozier feel to the pool, you can add some sleepers or even sofas on the side. The festive tiles also look fresh that blend well with the surrounding. Whoever who see this will definitely willing to dive in and enjoy joyful aquatic activities!

Swimming Pool Ideas: Chic Rustic Pool

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Building a swimming pool at the backyard will surely add more beauty to this spot. A spa swimming pool with unique shape will make people stunned. Moreover, the fireplace addition in the back adds more elegance and warmer feel. The rustic feel that is coming from the woodblock from the pergola gives an extra glow.

Swimming Pool Ideas: Make Your Own Party Spot

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This idea fits the concept of making a space to enjoy the party with your beloved one. A cozy backyard with a slim and simple rectangular swimming pool is one of the best options if you want to create a cozy and close feeling. To add more relax and casual feeling, adding a minibar and cozy seating area in the corner will also help.

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Those are some gorgeously inspiring swimming pool ideas that we’ve collected just for you. No matter how small or big they are, they are still a good choice when you want to present a water feature for your home. You can also choose any style based on your taste; simple, modern, rustic, indoor, outdoor, inground or above the ground.

As in regard to space size, for those who have a minimalist home with a small space, you can still have a swimming pool. Meanwhile, those who have a quite spacious space, you can either make it modern or classic by making it by yourself.

You don’t need to worry if you feel the pool area feels too plain, you can add some natural element or material like plantations, flowers or other decor items that you like. Making it cozy is indeed a final purpose but you can also consider making it glow by adding some of your favorite things.

Just pick the best swimming pool idea that suits your taste and start adding a stylish one to your home now!

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