The Complete Guide to Kane Carpet

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Carpet flooring offers a number of benefits. It is not only soft underfoot but is also capable of adding warmth and beauty to residential and commercial spaces alike. Carpet has sound-deafening properties, too.

Kane carpet offers endless possibilities so that you can get the desired aesthetic for your space. By choosing to work with carpet distributors like S & R Carpet & Floors, you can learn all about carpeting and how it can be a great investment.

What Makes Kane Carpet Unique?

Kane carpet stands out from many of the other carpet manufacturers because of its unique weaving and yarn systems. The brand has been working to revolutionize the industry, particularly with the Eurolon proprietary system. This is an advanced heat set that works with super fine synthetic yarns.

The colors are achieved through solution dyes that are designed to be durable.

In-house designers work to create stunning colors and patterns. Many of the designs come out of European and Asian facilities where trends are often started.

There’s a significant amount of flexibility for business owners and homeowners to make a statement within the space – and this is what we hope to help you with.

Explore Custom Color and Pattern Selections

Kane carpet offers a number of unique colors and pattern selections. This allows you to get beautiful carpeting while also being able to get the look of various other floorings.

Consider some of the designs:

  • Marble
  • Animal print
  • Paisley
  • Stripes
  • Geometric designs
  • Oriental prints

Each and every carpet is a work of art. It allows you to succumb to any creative design you want to achieve, whether it’s in a living room, a hallway, a hotel room, or an office space.

Additionally, with the many designs, there’s no reason to limit yourself to using the carpet on the floor alone. Get creative by using the carpet as wall coverings. With the many designs and patterns, it can be the ultimate way to decorate a space and make it your own.

Neutral and vibrant colors alike are abundant through the hundreds of colors and patterns that are available. From neutral grays and tans to vibrant reds and greens, you can truly achieve any aesthetic that you desire.

Perhaps the best part about Kane carpet is that the dyes have been carefully chosen so that the bright colors remain bright for years to come. It can be a great investment without a significant amount of care involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have a few questions regarding Kane carpet. As a distributor, we are here to offer up answers and help you with the selection and installation process.

What vacuum is recommended?

A standard bagged vacuum can be used on Kane carpeting. If you have a high pile product installed, you should make sure that your vacuum has a “suction only” setting in place.

How is spot cleaning handled?

Immediately begin blotting any liquid that is spilled. Solids should be scooped up quickly. Use a paper towel to absorb as much liquid as possible. Then, you’ll want to use cold water and just a drop of clear dishwashing liquid. You can also use a vinegar solution of 1/3 cup white vinegar and 2/3 cup of water for some of the tougher stains that may appear on the carpet over time.

What padding is best?

The padding that is recommended with Kane carpet will depend on where it is going. A 3/8” rebond should be the minimum level of padding that is used. If you are going to have carpeting on the stairs, you’ll want to consider a 100 oz rubber.

How is it possible to get long-term results?

When you invest in carpeting, you want it to last. Kane carpet is designed to be durable and stain-resistant. Be sure that you vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. If spills occur, spot clean them immediately. Additionally, direct sunlight can cause the fibers to fade over time. Use window treatments to help protect the carpet against UV rays.

What is the installation process?

There’s an entire process of installing Kane carpet, which includes making sure that the seams are handled appropriately. This is why it’s critical to work with a professional installer. As one of the Kane carpet distributors in the area, we have been trained on how to install the carpet in order to get the best aesthetic results.

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