Tips For Designing a Bathroom That Promotes Safety

Among the most dangerous spots at home is the bathroom. It could trigger the risk of injuries due to wrong floor design or inappropriate lighting. Knowing the ways to make the place safer will save you money. Hospitals had reported thousands of patients as a result of bathroom accidents, such as slipping and falling on the floor. It is not only the children who are in extreme danger but also the elders lacking assistance when going to the bathroom.

The following tips will help homeowners design a bathroom with the right materials and techniques for everyone’s safety.

1.Protect Sharp Edges 

The most common cause of bathroom injuries is when there are exposed edges in the area. It intensifies unwanted cases of slips and falls which can be prevented with proper cushion.

Home designers suggest applying adhesive guards on the edges so that there won’t be risks of hurting people. This will not ruin the final look of the bathroom which is the worry of most homeowners.

It also prevents mold buildup which can make floors slippery. Regularly clean the area to minimize cases of injury.

2. Examine Water Temperature

Getting burns due to hot water can also be an issue. This applies to bathrooms made of water heaters that should be monitored from time to time. Adjust the thermostat no higher than 120-degrees F to ensure a good bath.

3. Use Slip-Proof Mats

Leaving the floor without any rough surface might lead to slips and falls. Complete your bathroom flooring with rubberized mats or those made of materials that could improve traction. Place the mats beside the bathtub so you can tap your feet before getting out of the room.

Another solution is to opt for ceramic flooring and add grout lines to achieve a coarse surface. This helps to reduce slipping problems and also adds something to the floor design.

4. Add Grab Bars

Millions of adults are hospitalized each year due to brain injuries. This could be a result of falling incidents in the shower area by which adults are the major victims. Installing grab bars near the bathtub and shower area helps to eliminate such kinds of injuries. It comes with two models, either wall-mounted or installed with suction cups. The first option is more durable in case of impulsive falls for it cannot be easily unscrewed from the wall.

5. Easy to Reach Essentials

One of the causes of bathroom fall incidents is when the cabinets are set too high. It is also less convenient for children that they tend to use improvised step tools just to get an item on the cabinet. This is not safe for kids without proper supervision. The best solution is to buy sturdy equipment to step on whenever you need to reach an item.

6. Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting is important to keep bathrooms safer. It also promotes a better aesthetic by making the bathroom look clean all the time. You can spot dirt a lot easier with sufficient lighting.

Start with LED lights if you have a tight budget. The room will be well-lit without spending too much money. Replace the lights with CFLs in case you want to upgrade the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

Adding up more lights will prevent possible bruises. It also benefits ladies when they do their makeup in the bathroom, thus putting on lights on the mirror is recommended.

7. Opt For Walk-In Bathtub

Having an easily accessible bathtub enhances safety for everyone. Talk to a professional contractor to help you design a walk-in tub more efficiently. There should not be a way for water to escape, especially for the curbless bathroom style. The experts know the proper angle where to position things for a better outcome.

8. Build a Safety Seat

If a bathtub is not part of your budget, maybe a bath seat can take place. It is intended for seniors using the bathroom to ensure their protection. Such a seat is available in a variety of styles to suit your bathroom facade. Other factors that you must consider when planning to build a safety seat include the space and your overall lifestyle. It is not necessary, however, the area could make sense when you are living with elders that demand assistance upon using the bathroom.

9. Choose The Right Toilet

Some injuries are caused by poor toilet design. A toilet without an elevated seat can trigger back and joint strain. Many households have experienced this kind of injury and the only solution is to raise the toilet seat up to four inches. This will improve stability and also keep you safe while using the toilet.

10. Install an Alert System

Bathroom accidents require an immediate response. Home architects recommend a bathroom have an alert system by installing a phone or other emergency tools. This would demand additional cost but the household will take full advantage in the long run.

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Final Thoughts

Hiring the best tilers can help to build a safer bathroom. Durable and secure bathroom flooring is one thing to prioritize if you aim to keep the household away from possible danger. Picking the most suitable flooring material can be hard, however, working with the experts will make it easier. There are more tips to consider that will guarantee a well-built bathroom, including proper lighting and accessories to prevent falls and slips. When you have the extra budget, an alert system is a useful tool to make protection better.

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