Top Trending New Construction Home Styles In the US

This year has brought about many new design ideas that have been in direct relation to things that have affected the world lately.

People have spent a long time being stuck inside their homes and this has inspired new ideas that incorporate the new world we live in. If you are thinking about building or buying new construction and you want to see what the upcoming trends are like then keep reading.

Every year, the National Association of Home Builders creates a prototype of a home that is designed with this year in mind. They call it “The New American Home” and it is one of the best ways to look at upcoming design trends that will likely be used in homes this year. Let’s take a look at the home so we can see some of the top trending new construction homes styles in the U.S.

Eco-Friendly Options

eco friendly
Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

Right away you can see a roof that is full of solar panels to utilize the sun’s natural energy and save on your bills. You can also see a green space in the middle of the home that is surrounded by luscious plants. This gives the homeowner their very own park right inside their home so they can experience nature without leaving the property. Another great feature is the open-air living room space that is perfect for entertaining at night and drinking your coffee as the sun rises in the mornings.

Wide Open Spaces

open space
Photo by Valentina Locatelli on Unsplash

The building utilizes the size and space by creating its own private courtyard with plenty of large glass windows to use the natural light. The small pool area is a great touch as many homeowners have started switching to smaller pools with the rising cost of pool maintenance. The building is also painted in a bright white that reflects the light coming and gives the illusion of larger areas.

Privacy is perfect

aerial view
Photo by Victor Smits on Unsplash

Another look at the homes shows you that the home is mostly private and it’s surrounded by a gate. With so many homeowners getting pets and growing their families in the last few years, safety and privacy have been a major concern. They would much rather the home be as safe as possible instead of looking as good as possible.

Online order friendly

Another great safety feature that the home has added to help people in recent times is a package-friendly porch. The porch is designed to deter porch pirates by allowing mail workers to drop off the packages behind a set of slatted walls right beside the front door. With a rise in online ordering, it’s a great idea to have a secure and weather-safe area to keep your packages until you can retrieve them.

Using every space

With a rise in people working from home, many people have had to turn areas of their homes into makeshift offices (or a classroom if you are a parent of school-aged kids) and people have enjoyed using smaller spaces to create new areas. This room (that is set in the turret of the home which would often be used for storage) is a small area but it is perfect for anyone who wants to take some time away and relax.

Unique design ideas

 The home also has other design features that you might start seeing as fairly common in newer homes.


The home has a rooftop patio with a large space for entertaining so an extra kitchen on the second story is ideal. This allows the host to entertain guests while preparing the food nearby instead of walking up and down the stairs to check the appetizers in the oven. A second kitchen is usually reserved for the first floor but putting one on the second story allows for so much flexibility.

In-Home Gym

Gyms have come and gone in the design world but they are back with the rise in fitness and the inability to attend a public gym. People have started building their own gyms at home to make working out more convenient and accessible. Home gyms have started to become more common than many think for homes that have extra space.

Gaming room

A gaming room has changed a bit in definition over the last few years which means it’s less about dusty chess sets and more about big screens. A gaming room is another addition that many people will be looking for in the next few years. There are many people who have started to make their living streaming their virtual adventures and a gaming room is exactly what they will be looking for.


The home is very pet friendly and it features a dog washing station in the garage where you can rinse off your four-legged friends before they bring their muddy paws inside. The yard is secure and fenced so you can allow your pet to roam around the property without worrying. Having a pet-safe home is important to many people and adding some features to your home to help out your pets is a trend we will be seeing quite a bit of.

Home design trends have been leaning towards eco-friendly for a while with a rise in sustainable material use and reducing energy usage. Designers have also started using brighter colors and glass to create the illusion of larger spaces in homes that have smaller rooms which shows that you don’t need large square footage to make an impact. The design trends this year are highly based on current events but it’s easy to see how they can be translated and used by home designers over and over again.

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