What Is a Mattress Elevator and How Does it Work?

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Sleeping with heartburn or loud snoring is one of the most common problems you may have that can disturb others. In that situation, mattresses elevators come in especially for dealing with these issues.

Many doctors suggest using these mattresses to treat snoring and heartburn, as this mattress helps to enjoy a night of sound sleep. At the same time, you will be able to eliminate those who have this problem in bed with you. Mattress elevators are usually made of foam or equipment that can be placed under or above the mattress.

Sleeping on this mattress, your upper body will be supported by the incline. Also, your lower body will be flat on the mattress. This sleeping position helps to reduce snoring and eliminate heartburn.

What Is a Mattress Elevator?

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Most people like to sleep by making their lower body parts high to their upper body. This position causes several health issues, including heartburn and loud snoring. In that situation, using a mattress, like a mattress elevator, could be a good way to eliminate these health issues.

Typically, a mattress elevator is a supportive foam or equipment that helps to keep your slight slant even while sleeping. As a result, your upper body part will be slightly higher than your lower part. This sleeping position helps to promote healthy sleep without snoring or heartburn.

However, you will find many methods to raise your upper body while sleeping, but most cause body aches and sleep disturbances. For that, most people are turning to these mattress elevators. So, buying a comfortable mattress elevator will be ideal for those who want to have a sound sleep without making any disturbances.

Health Benefits of Sleeping on a Mattress Elevator

Lying down slightly upwards with the upper part of your body gives various health benefits. For that, mattress elevators gained huge popularity in the last decade. Below, we have demonstrated some significant advantages of sleeping in a mattress elevator.

Eliminate Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a severe problem in the chest that can be uncomfortable. But if you suffer heartburn often, it may indicate severe issues such as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). Most people suffer from this problem, especially when lying or sleeping down soon after eating. In that case, sleeping on a mattress elevator can quickly get rid of GERD. This type of mattress prevents stomach acids from moving to the esophagus by slightly elevating your body. As a result, you will not experience burning sensations.

Sleep Apnea Relief

Making loud snoring is an irritating problem that can be very painful for others. Besides, loud snoring can lead to respiratory complications that occur when the airways get blocked during sleep. The brain triggers the sleeping person to wake up to open the airways to suppress oxygen hunger. As a result, the sleeper makes unpleasant and loud sounds. But sleeping on the mattress elevator protects to open up the airways that enable you effortless breathing. This will help you to eliminate or do less snoring.

Relief Back Pain

Sleeping in the wrong position is one of the main reasons for back pain. A wrong position can cause avoidable stress on the spinal region, resulting in discomfort and pain. In that case, mattress elevators help you lie in a healthy position. This position makes a natural alignment of the spine with the rest of the body. As a result, you will relieve stiffness or pain in your back as well as delicate joints.

How Does a Mattress Elevator Work?

As we said earlier, a mattress elevator is made of foam or supportive components that help to relieve sleep apnea. Typically, this mattress makes a sleeping position where the upper part of your body will be higher than the lower part.

This position helps the throat muscle to perform better. As a result, you will have less snoring and a healthy night’s sleep. In addition, a mattress elevator helps to keep your posture straight while sleeping. Maintaining straight spinal alignment leads to the optimal breathing position for your body to assume.

Besides, lying in an inclined way helps prevent excess fluids in the lungs. For that, your airways will remain open due to gravity. This way, your body will prevent GERD, acid reflux, constant body fatigue, and congestion.

Different Types of Mattress Elevators

You will find different types of mattress elevators on the market, and each one works distinctly. Below, we have pointed out some common types of mattress elevators that you should consider before getting one.

  • Under-bed Support Foams
  • Elevation Toppers
  • Wedge Pillows
  • Plastic Under-bed Wedges
  • Elevating Incline Inserts

How to Choose the Right Mattress Elevator?

There are several options to choose from while you are going to buy a mattress elevator in the current market. But you must pick the right one that will easily meet your needs.

Types of Mattress Elevator

As we have said earlier, you will find several types of mattress elevators like under-bed support foam, elevator toppers, elevating incline inserts, and under-bed wedge pillows. If you feel good on your current mattress, choose a mattress wedge that can be easily placed under your mattress. Besides, you can go for the elevation topper mattress that is the most popular nowadays.

Size of Mattress Elevator

After considering the mattress type, you have to determine the size of your mattress. Whichever style of mattress you pick, you should make sure your chosen mattress size will fit. You will find king-size and queen-size mattress elevators. You should choose a mattress that offers a high-quality and stable elevator, as the mattress is usually bulky in weight.

Build Materials

It is another crucial thing that you should consider while buying a mattress elevator. If your chosen mattress is a topper or wedge pillow type, you should select one made from memory foam. This foam will help you feel relaxed while sleeping and enjoy a night of sound sleep. On the other hand, you should go for a heavy plastic or steel mattress if you want to buy under-bed wedges or incline inserts. This type of mattress is highly durable and lasts longer.

Easy to Set Up

You will find numerous mattress elevators that are difficult to operate and waste a lot of time. You may require to hire a professional to assemble the mattress in some cases. Buying such a type of mattress will be a waste of your money, so you should be careful to buy one. For that, try to buy a model that requires a little instruction to set up. Remember, a mattress that requires a little instruction usually needs 2 or 3 hands to install properly.


Dealing with heartburn and snoring is an annoying issue while sleeping. These issues could be very disturbing for others. In that case, using a mattress elevator could be a good solution. However, most people are confused about the working method of the mattress elevators.

That’s why in this context we have provided a complete guideline about mattress elevators. Typically, a mattress elevator is made of foam or other components that support your posture while sleeping. It creates a sleeping alignment that helps to make your upper body part higher than the lower part. This position is helpful to eliminate snoring and heartburn.

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