Why is My Hot Water Pressure Low?

You turn on the hot tap, but the shower doesn’t give you a satisfying bath. You want to clean the dishes, but it takes much longer than before to fill up the sink. If you are facing a low water pressure problem, you may need to call your Sydney Plumber.

But what could be causing this problem? The following guide provides you insights into the common reasons why the hot water pressure is low in your home.

i. Sediments in Hot Water Tank

If you have low hot water pressure throughout your home, but the cold water is unaffected, chances are that the problem is with the hot water tank. There can be a build-up of sediment in the tank. This usually occurs when it is not flushed often. It is best to call your plumber to take care of this problem.

ii. Problems with Showerhead or Tap

If you have low hot water pressure in a single outlet, it can be an isolated incident. Does the shower have low hot water pressure, but the taps don’t? It may mean there is a blockage in the shower head. If the problem is in the taps, they may be worn out.

iii. Problem with Faucet Washer

If the low hot water pressure is limited to a single faucet, chances are its washer needs replacement. Washers get worn out over time, so you should consider replacing them. If this doesn’t fix the issue, it may be required to replace the faucet.

iv. Water Leakage

Leaks can also cause low hot water pressure. Identifying this cause is quite simple. Check the water meter if the numbers are still running when all the taps in your home are turned off. This method should help you determine if the leak is caused by the hot water system. There may be a leak in the hot water system’s tank or the joints of the pipes connected to the unit.

v. Clean the Filter

If your hot water system has a filter, the drop in hot water pressure may be due to the build-up of dirt in it. You can clean the filter to check if the pressure returns. Dirt and sediment can easily build up over time and block the flow of water.

vi. Blocked Pipes

The low pressure can also be caused due to blocked pipes. There may be a build-up of dirt, debris, sediment, calcium, and rust in the pipes. If the blockage is big enough to cause a significant drop in water pressure, you should call your plumber.

vii. Problem with Tempering Valve

The job of the tempering valve is to combine the hot and cold water. Low water pressure can also be caused when these valves get damaged. If it is this valve that is causing the problem, it will need to be replaced.

It is also likely that the problem is with your hot water system. If you are unable to determine the cause of the low hot water pressure, you should get the help of an emergency gutter cleaning plumber.

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