white fence

Minimalist White Fence Ideas to Beautify Your Lovely House

We are pretty sure that a fence is just as important as other features that every homeowner needs. It doesn’t only protect their front yard or backyard from strangers but…

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farmhouse fence 18

Farmhouse Fence for Astonishing Outdoor Space

We’re pretty sure that every homeowner wants to install a fence for their house, especially for the outdoor living space. A fence is literally the basic and maybe the only…

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fence and gates 21

Stylish Fence and Gates for Your Inspiration

Installing a fence is probably the basic thing to do by every homeowner because it’s the way to give them security and privacy. Since a fence is placed in an…

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pool fence 21

Mesmerizing Pool Fence for Stylish Pool Area

A swimming pool is a joyful spot in a house that you can use for various fun aquatic activities with family members or friends. It’s always fun to decorate it…

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bamboo fence feature

Bamboo Fence for Fresh and Natural Look

Nowadays, there are various types of design and material that people can choose to decorate their house, either for interior or outdoor. One of the core parts of a house…

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front yard fence feature

Get People’s Attention with Beautiful Front Yard Fence

A front yard is one of the important parts of a house that you need to take care of because it’s basically the ‘face’ of your home that people can…

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vertical fence feature

Vertical Fence for Stylish Privacy Look

Installing a fence is a basic thing that every homeowner can do to make a partition from the outside part, either it’s to protect the pets, flowers, or simply just…

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fence lighting feature

Lighten Up Your Outdoor Space with This Fence Lighting

Every homeowner wants to have their own dream house that reflects their taste, interest, and even personality. They want to build, make, and decorate their house in a certain style…

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backyard fence feature

Inspiring Backyard Fence You Might Want to Steal

A fence is one the important part of the house that provides you a basic function as a partition to secure your house. Also, a fence has another function as…

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