19+ Stylish Horizontal Fence Ideas You Might Want to Copy

A fence is the most basic thing that all homeowners have to build because it’s a feature to protect their inside area. As for a front yard fence, it has an indirect function as the ‘face’ that represents your house. On the other side, it also can be a very distinctive feature that differentiates your house with the others.

Looking by its function, no wonder that many people want to have an attractive fence whether from the design, material, shape, and color. There are various fence styles that you can find on the internet and one of them is a horizontal shape. Just like its name, it has a horizontal shape that can be made of any materials.

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No worries, we have compiled tons of horizontal fence ideas that will improve the look of your front and backyard.

Best Horizontal Fence

Horizontal Fence: Wooden Pallet Fence

Horizontal Fence: Wooden Pallet Fence

Wood is probably the most common material to build a fence. It’s because it’s quite affordable and has good durability in any weather. For those who have a seating area in their backyard, this horizontal fence can be a good choice as a privacy fence or screen. This kind of fence offers slight visibility that lets you see the outer side.

Horizontal Fence: Simple Horizontal Fence

Horizontal Fence: Simple Horizontal Fence

An outdoor fence that combines wood with a chained link top is a good idea that will let you have a unique look. This idea also offers another function just in case you want to have vines plants or put some potted or hanging flowers to create a simple garden.

Horizontal Fence: Earthy Cedar Fence

Horizontal Fence: Earthy Cedar Fence

Using natural materials to make a fence is a great choice because it will blend well with the surroundings. In this idea, the combination of vertical and horizontal cedar woods becomes the focal point that enhances the swimming pool area. Choose oak wood to create a bright farmhouse look.

Horizontal Fence: Beautiful Privacy Fence

Horizontal Fence: Beautiful Privacy Fence

Creating a privacy screen in a backyard is a common thing especially if there’s a seating area. This horizontal privacy screen and pergola beautify the area even more with its naturally beautiful color. Another good thing for having a horizontal fence with space in between is that you can use it as a horizontal garden.

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horizontal fence 5


horizontal fence 6


horizontal fence 7


horizontal fence 8


horizontal fence 9

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Find more beautiful horizontal fence ideas below that you can use for your own house!

horizontal fence 10


horizontal fence 11


horizontal fence 12


horizontal fence 13


horizontal fence 14

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horizontal fence 15


horizontal fence 16


horizontal fence 17


horizontal fence 18


horizontal fence 19

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A horizontal fence is a quite common shape that many people use to use just like a vertical one. Although a fence is important, choosing its design and material is important as well. It’s because you have to measure a few points from the budget and durability.

We hope these ideas can inspire you but if you have your own dream fence design, make it real and build an exhilarating one now!

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