How All Year Cooling Found Success

Coral Springs, Florida-based All Year Cooling has found considerable success over the years by specializing in what they do best. Established in 1973, they handle any type of air conditioner issues, ranging from insulation to intricate repairs. For a company to be in business for close to 50 years, it takes hard work and positive results to keep everything running smoothly.

How have they been able to keep the doors open and grow as a leader in all of South Florida? These qualities all combine to help them stand out in a competitive industry.

Family-Owned Business

The company wasn’t founded by All Year Cooling owner Tommy Smith, but he’s kept the company rolling as part of the family. He grew up around the business, which allowed him to learn from an early age how things work to keep customers satisfied and loyal.

Most companies strive for customer satisfaction, but Smith has always made it the #1 priority. If customers feel satisfied, they are more likely to help spread the word organically and bring in new clients. It’s no surprise that many businesses come in from referrals instead of advertising by partly using All Year Cooling coupons. The company’s advertising costs are low compared to competitors, and the results back up that approach.


A family-owned business understands that flexibility is necessary at times. Whether that is on the scheduling side of things, figuring out finances, or anything in between. All Year Cooling is willing to work with any customer to figure out a solution that works for them.

Surprising costs can rub any customer the wrong way, so the first step with any new project is to go out and offer a free estimate. If it seems like a costly project, customers have plenty of options to figure out the financial side of things. For instance, All Year Cooling coupons on their website can certainly help. It is also essential to pick the right time for the appointment so that no family feels inconvenienced.

The company offers competitive financing options for all types of individuals and businesses, ensuring that air-conditioning operates as it should when necessary. Since there are various options to choose from, a person isn’t married to an exceptionally high rate.


Professionalism runs deep with All Year Cooling owner Tommy Smith and his team. There are more than 60 trucks currently in operation under the All Year Cooling name, serving most areas of South Florida, ranging as far south as The Keys to up north at Vero Beach. There is a professional ready to meet up and go over any issues right on time.

The hot and humid weather in South Florida means that nobody wants to wait long to get an air conditioner up and working again. While every project is different and some require more work than others, time is always respected for the customers. If a rescheduled appointment is necessary for some reason, the company reaches out to a customer right away and lets them know.

Positive Online Reviews

A company can promise the world to customers, but it doesn’t mean anything if they don’t keep their word. Ultimately, every business is judged by reviews that pop up when searching their name. All Year Cooling owner Tommy has worked hard for his company to have some of the industry’s best reviews, and the number of reviews shows just how long they’ve been around. Reviews are also positive due to the All Year Cooling coupons they have.

On the rare occasions that someone does have a complaint online, they do a great job of responding directly to that customer to remedy the situation. In some cases, people have gone back to update the review and provide that additional information to prove that to be the case.

On-Site Information

All Year Cooling owner Tommy Smith has turned his company’s website into an excellent resource for valuable information on air conditioners. Whether it is troubleshooting common problems or figuring out a typical lifespan of an air conditioner, researching tools are all made available on their website, free of charge.

The major repairs or complete installations need to be done by a professional. However, some basic maintenance issues can be handled entirely by a person at home if they wish. It’s a way to provide valuable information and save some money when it’s not as bad as it seems. From the All Year Cooling owner’s perspective, they get additional advertising when significant repairs are necessary.

Active Within the Community

For a company closing in on half a century of business, it makes sense that Tommy Smith and his team are very active in the community. Based out of Coral Springs, the company has supported charities and organizations ranging from Project We Care to Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraisers. All throughout South Florida, the All Year Cooling owner has always focused on making the community a little bit stronger.

Many businesses come and go in South Florida, as families don’t have the strongest ties to this region compared to other parts of the United States. Tommy Smith and his family aren’t going anywhere, and the goal is to stay in operation for another 50 years. The only way to continually have loyal customers is to fully become part of the community.

More on All Year Cooling

Looking for more information on them? Searching for the right All Year Cooling coupon to save even more money? Want to know more about Smith’s family and how they’ve held up with success? Visit their website for more information. There are constant updates on the website to help people figure out if it’s the right choice for them.

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