20+ Inspiring Patio Shade Ideas That You’ll Love

A patio is one of the features that many homeowners choose to decorate their outdoor living space. It’s because a patio adds extra charm to the outdoor space and they can combine it with other decorations like a garden and others.

Usually, a patio and furniture are two components that presents in a backyard so it makes the backyard feels cozier. Therefore, homeowners provide another feature to protect the patio from excessive sun exposure. One of the methods that people use is by installing shade in various types like a pergola, canopy or simple fabric.

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To give you more detailed inspiration on how to decorate a patio with shade, below we have collected some patio shade ideas to copy!

Best Patio Shade Ideas

Patio Shade Ideas: Shade for Concrete

Patio Shade Ideas: Shade for Concrete

Though a concrete patio has good durability doesn’t mean that you don’t need extra care. Especially if you have a seating area on it so you would need to protect it. Instead of using a permanent shade, using a removable shade might be a good idea. It’s because you will be able to detach and clean it.

Patio Shade Ideas: Stunning with Pergola

Patio Shade Ideas: Stunning with Pergola

A pergola is a sturdy version of a regular shade which also gives you an attractive point. By choosing a pergola as a shade, you can explore an additional material to use over it. Some materials that you can use to cover a pergola to create a more covered shade are glass, bamboo, vinyl or others.

Patio Shade Ideas: Pergola and Screen

Patio Shade Ideas: Pergola and Screen

A pergola is a good option to use if you love something more solid and sturdy. Unlike the fabric shade, it’s impossible to bring along but it’s definitely more durable. To complete the pergola shade, many people usually use a privacy screen as a complementary feature.

Patio Shade Ideas: Simple Fabric Shade

Patio Shade Ideas: Simple Fabric Shade

For people who love simple shade with affordable material and easy to bring, fabric shade will suit you the best. Well, fabric shade is not as sturdy as pergola or canopy but this kind of shade is simpler and easy to install.

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Just keep scrolling down for more inspiring and creative patio shade ideas!

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So, those are some beautiful patio shade ideas that you can use for your ultimate reference. It may look simple but they give an extra decorative look to your patio. Of course, adding a patio shade depends on your needs and taste. It’s always a great idea to install a shade for your patio because it protects both your patio and furniture.

If there’s an additional feature that you can add to your outdoor living space, we would recommend getting patio shade. Pick the best patio shade that you like and start installing one in your own outdoor space now!

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