Lovely Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas for Your Inspiration

Decorating a bedroom is always fun because we can explore everything from furniture to decor items. When it comes to teen girls, usually the room will be full of girly things and pastel colors as the main point. However, some others love neutral colors more to keep their rooms simple.

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To inspire you on how to style up a teen girl bedroom, below we have prepared some pictures for your reference!

Best Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Neutral and Dreamy

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Neutral and Dreamy

Teen girl’s bedroom is not complete when you don’t have a pastel color like blush pink or fluffy thing like cushions, dolls or thick fur blanket. This girl’s bedroom looks more dreamy with the help of a light string and fluffy decorative pendant. This idea matches those who love simple but also cozy bedroom.

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Lovely Attic Bedroom

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Lovely Attic Bedroom

This simple attic bedroom looks so lovely and cozy thanks to its simple arrangement and color combination. A gray bed, blush pink cushions, blanket, and decor items enhance the elegance. Putting less bulky furniture is also an important point to make the room looks less stuffy.

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Cozy Low to Ground

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Cozy Low to Ground

For teen girls who love simplicity and also a lovely concept, this idea might be a great option. Instead of using a bed frame, using a pallet will be a good choice because it looks cozier. For the pallet, paint it with white or pink paint to match the color of the wall. For an extra focal point, add a canopy and shade on each side.

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Airy Light Blue

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Airy Light Blue

Those who love a colorful room instead of plain white, try using a bright but soft color light sky, ocean or light blue. It will make the room looks fresh and airy. Combining it with other neutral colors like white is also good to balance and create a softer vibe.

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Keep scrolling down for more lovely and girly teen girl bedroom ideas!

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Decorating a teen girl’s bedroom can be easy yet tricky because you have to match it with the owner’s personality and taste. Some girls love a colorful and lively room, however, on the contrary, some others prefer a simple and minimalist one. Not only for the general concept but also for the color because it’s also a personal preference.

So, if you have a teen girl in your family or if you are the girl and want to makeover your bedroom, we hope that the inspirations above can help you to pick the best that suits your taste!

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